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Early this February, I was invited to write about some app reviews of particular games for toddlers.  I’ve reviewed few apps then and that guy gave me my share instantly.  I still have some things to review but I am not able to keep in touch with him yet.  I hope I can find some time so that I can send him emails and check if he still needs some reviews for his apps.  I hope I can still have this offer for my blogs.

Can Using Hair Serum Improve the Appearance of Your Hair?

The hair upon your head grows from follicles. The main ingredient in a strand of hair is a protein called keratin. On the outside of the shaft of your hair is the cuticle layer. The health of your hair can be largely determined by your diet and how you treat it. Excessive use of heating elements, dyes, and permanents can greatly damage your hair. Hair that is curly also tends to be frizzier than other types of hair. This is because the oils that are produced from the sebaceous gland found at the root of your hair travel down a hair shaft more easily if it is straight. As a result, curly hair tends to lack more oils and moisture than straight hair, which is a big contributor to frizz. Luckily, there are a number of products that help improve the appearance of hair, including a number of curly hair solutions, such as hair serums.

What Is Serum?

Serum is a term that applies to a number of different items, including a liquid component of blood. But you will be relieved to know that hair serum does not involve blood or any other body substances, but uses oils such as macadamia nut oil. When applied to the hair, the oils help provide the hair with moisture and nutrients to reduce frizz. The oils can also apply a protective coating to the strand of hair, assisting in protecting it from being damaged from other factors throughout the day, such as from humidity and heat. Hair serum is also valued for all hair types because it gives hair a healthy looking shine. For curly hair in particular, the serum can also work for shaping curls and keeping the desired shape throughout the day.

Using Serum

As with many curly hair solutions and hair products, hair serums come in a variety of options from light to heavy serums. Lighter serums are generally recommended or finer and thinner hair types, whereas heavy serums work best for thick and coarse hair. Certain hair serums may direct you to apply them to damp hair, while others may recommend applying after the hair has dried. Whichever hair serum you choose, remember to use it in moderation. While you want to use enough to achieve the desired shine and smoothness, using too much can result in hair that appears greasy. As a rule, it is usually best to begin with a dime-sized amount.

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Just Sad to Know that My Other Blogs are going off

There has been a lot of things to do lately. So many things to attend to not to count the job loads we have at school as we are assigned to create two new curriculum for our new courses which are going to be offered in two months time. Whew, I can only say to myself in silence. The CEO has just arrived and he’s got a lot of things to do for us. Meetings here and there keep our days busy. Now that he’s here, we are buzzing more than a bee on a hot and humid summer day. Just a few moments ago, I received a final letter of notification that two if not three of my other sites are going to be deleted in a few days time. This news saddened me as I also love those other sites. However, I don’t have enough funds to renew them yet. I hope my sissy would renew them for me. This is just one of my Xmas wishes…bye for now folks. :)

Urgent Care for Urgent Situations

When an injury strikes, it is the time for action, not thought. However, if you don’t do at least a little bit of thinking in an emergency situation, you can end up in your local emergency room. There, you’ll be forced to wait a long time for care that will end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars – even if all you do is get an x-ray. However, if you keep your wits about you, you might remember to visit an urgent care center in Cumming instead of a hospital emergency room. You’ll be able to get the same level of medical attention without being forced to wait too long or break your bank account in half.

Urgency versus Emergency

It’s important to remember that there are emergency situations and then there are urgent situations. An emergency situation, for example, would be when a person is involved in a huge car accident and they have stopped breathing. An urgent situation would be a twisted ankle. The patient is not going to die anytime soon, but they are very uncomfortable. Even a broken arm can be considered more an urgent situation than an emergency situation. A good rule of thumb to bear in mind is that if the patient is still breathing steadily and is not rapidly losing blood, it’s probably better to visit an urgent care facility rather than an emergency room. If the doctors and nurses at the urgent care facility think that your situation requires more advanced attention, they’ll be the first to pick up the phone and call an ambulance for you. However, most of the time you’ll find that the professionals who work at an urgent care facility are more than able to help you get back to being happy and healthy.

Why Urgent Care?

Visiting an urgent care center in Cumming is a smart way to deal with smaller injuries. The resources at an emergency room are allocated for emergency situations. When you’re in the emergency room for a minor injury, you end up using these precious resources, which is why your bill will be astronomically high. Most urgent care centers can deal with your situation – even broken bones and severe asthma attacks – for a little more than $100. Next time you find yourself in an urgent situation, take time to breathe and have a friend look up an urgent care facility near you.

I’m Over a Week Delayed Now! ^_^

Woot Woot! I’m pretty excited now that I don’t feel anything but just my craving for sour stuffs like mango from Guadalupe, oh my…I cannot bear my mouth watering just merely thinking of it. I hope I can see some along the street on my way home later tonight. I think it’s pretty unusual since I’m always on time. Only this month that I’m delayed for quite a few days. Guess I’m positive over the weekend if I still won’t have my period by then. Brrrr…. :D

First Class Coffee

You may not fly first class but you can enjoy first class coffee any time you’d like with an on demand coffee maker. Single serve or on demand brewing systems make it easy to enjoy top quality coffee like Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-Cup packs – K-Cup® compatible coffee makers are the modern way to make coffee. Even better, with an on demand brewing system you can enjoy all the top shelf brands like Starbucks®, Van Houtte® and more for just pennies a cup – the coffee is the same or better quality than anything you might get at a fancy coffee shop for a fraction of the price.

Brewing coffee directly into your cup

On demand brewing systems look like conventional electric drip coffee makers but they behave in a very different fashion. There is no coffee pot or warming plate – instead the coffee brews directly into your cup or mug and the machines brew one cup of coffee at a time. When you think about it this makes sense because you drink coffee by the cup and with this method each cup is fresh, hot and flavorful.

The machines use single portion coffee pods which are pre-measured and ready to go so there is no longer a need to scoop and measure coffee or deal with flimsy coffee filters. To make coffee you insert a coffee pod into the machine, place a cup under the brewing port and press a button – in less than one minute you have a cup of first class coffee that is ready to drink and enjoy.

Keurig® brand B60 coffee maker

There are many different makes and models of on demand brewing system – the Keurig® Special Edition B60 Coffee Maker is a classic example of a good quality machine which will provide years of trouble-free service.